Sources of contamination from buildings and general factory areas.

A major source of contamination is from insects, animals and birds. Also dirt or loose particles falling from overhead areas offer potential hazards.

Flying insects and birds must be excluded from the factory by using screens over ventilation fans and windows which open.

Open doorways should have plastic strip or air curtains to prevent entry of insects and birds.

Doors to the outside should fit closely to the floor so that animals cannot enter at night or other times.

Rodent control systems should be regularly maintained and any bait must be placed only in specially designed and sited containers which are clearly marked. Damaged bait containers should be disposed of immediately and safely.

Trunking for wiring and other services should be well sealed to reduce the chance of dust accumulation followed by insect infestation.

High ledges and roof supports where dust can collect should be of sloping construction and be cleaned regularly.

Good lighting should be maintained in all production areas and plastic screening, where appropriate, be used to prevent glass falling on to the product should light bulbs or tubes be broken.