Ingredient Problems and solutions


What are the signs of flour quality change?
What are the potential problems encountered in flour storage?
How should choice and use of biscuit flour be managed?
Dusting flour does not flow freely. What can be done?
The vital wheat gluten is forming lumps during dough making, why?


Why has the sugar in the silo become hard and lumpy?
The particle size of the granulated sugar is too fine at the mixer, why?
Is it better to use sugar from bags rather than from bulk?
Why do sugars in bags become hard and lumpy, what is the solution?


Why are there sediments in the syrup containers?
The syrups are fermenting in storage how can this be prevented?


Fats & Oils

How can rancidity be controlled?
How and why is fat plasticised?
How should butter be prepared for use in dough?
What are antioxidants and when should they be used?
What is the optimum quantity of lecithin to use in a dough?

Dairy Products
How should Skimmed Milk Powder be dispersed?
How should cheese be prepared for inclusion in dough?

Dried Fruits and Nuts
What preparation of fruit is needed before use in the factory?
Why could the inclusion of sultanas into dough affect the consistency?
How can the hardening of dried fruit during baking be avoided?
How can chopped dried fruit be best handled?
What storage and handling precautions should be taken with fruit pastes and syrups?


What are the important aspects of proteinase use in dough?


What are the important quality and storage aspect for flavours?


Chocolate and Cocoa

Why is the enrobed chocolate soft and cheesy?
The chocolate chips do not set hard after the cookies have cooled.


What happens if the sodium bicarbonate does not disperse in a dough?
Why are there legal problems with the use of SMS?
Why is magnesium bicarbonate used in wafer batter?


Other materialsUrschel

What are the economics of recycling waste dough and biscuits?
How much biscuit recycle can be used?